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Peggy Wynne Borgman


I'm a lifelong artist and storyteller. I can't remember a time when I wasn't painting and writing--for me, they're two sides of the same expressive coin. I received a degree in fine art from UC Santa Cruz, fell in love with the glorious Monterey Bay Area, and stayed for years. Recently, my husband and I decamped for Genoa, the oldest settlement in the delightfully weird state of Nevada, nestled in the Eastern Sierra and only a few miles from Lake Tahoe. 

 As a plein air painter, I have a serious crush on the landscape of the Sierra Nevada but I'll never forget my first love, the central coast of California. Painting outside is challenging: half-art, half-sport, an adventure and an absolute immersion. Paintings created outside have a special magic. 


But that's not the only exciting thing I do with paint: I also live-paint weddings and special events, as part of Talia Koval Live Painting. It's a thrill to capture a life-changing moment and convey the spirit of celebration. Talia is one of the country's foremost live painters and I'm honored to be represented by her. 


In my studio in Genoa Nevada, I paint portraits and do commissions. In the studio I'm free to create anything from huge, epic landscapes to a series of intimate scenes from a client's travels.


I love telling stories in paint. And I also tell stories in print, as an author, editor and blogger.


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