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writing, editing & strategic storytelling

Book Coaching

& Ghostwriting

I collaborate with aspiring authors and busy subject matter experts to bring their original ideas and compelling stories to life, in print and in ebooks.

Content Creation for Business

I write SEO'd copy that prevents your customers and prospects from dying of boredom on your website and social media platforms.

Strategic Storytelling 

An exciting ideation and discovery process that defines your storytelling strategy: essential themes, messages, images and brand "voice"

My Blog:

Howdy Stranger

Strange tales of life and history in  Nevada, starring wild horses, the mid-century divorce industry, haunted saloons and trailer-park bordellos

When I set out to write my book, I was totally lost...I was about halfway through my manuscript when I reached out to Peggy. She was EXACTLY what I needed. She was my cheerleader, my creative coach, and an honest content editor. When I needed to verbally process all of the ideas in my head, she was there. When I needed to narrow or broaden my scope of content, she was there. When I needed fresh ideas because I was stuck on my final chapter, she was there. Peggy is a professional creative coach, but she is also fun, witty, and one of the smartest people I know. A year later, my book is off to the book developer to be published!

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Alexandra Ellison
College Admissions Consultant


Want to find out how to bring your writing project or idea to life?

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